Data Protection Power — 05 September 2012

– Hervé Tardy, vice president and general manager of Eaton’s Distributed Power Quality Business Unit (, says:

Eaton Corporation, an industry leader in power management solutions for virtual environments, recently announced five strategies for information technology (IT) and data center managers to maximize the benefits of virtualization. These strategies, released during VMworld® 2012, describe best practices for VMware® users to preserve business continuity and data integrity through the VMware vCenter™ platform.
  • Enhance productivity with integrated power management solutions

Implement power management software that integrates within the vCenter dashboard to view, monitor and administer all server, storage and power management assets through a single console, as well as receive power alarms in the same window as server and virtual machine alarms.
  • Trigger live migration to protect data

To improve uptime and prevent data loss during an extended power outage, leverage the latest power management software solutions that can automatically trigger live migration, transparently moving virtual machines from an affected server to another server on the network.
  • Automate site recovery processes

To further enhance response time and business continuity, VMware Site Recovery Manager users can implement software solutions that recognize power interruptions and provide automatic virtual machine synchronization and immediate initiation of a backup site.
  • Prioritize loads to enhance response time during power disruptions

Prior to a power disturbance, IT managers should proactively prioritize virtual machines within vCenter so that automated power management software recovery processes can restart the most critical machines at the recovery site, while less critical machines can safely shut down to preserve data integrity. 
  • Extend UPS runtime to protect virtual machines

In the event of an extended outage, business continuity and disaster recovery processes rely on sufficient UPS battery runtime to protect data and critical hardware. IT managers can bolster VMware’s vMotion™ capabilities by installing software that automatically consolidates virtual machines and safely shuts down idle servers in the event of a power failure so that adequate backup time is provided.

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  1. I think it’s great that the manufactures especially Eaton is helping with the adoption of Virtual environments with the use of software. It is always tough to adopt new technology with out features such as being able to shutdown the equipment in the event of a power failure.

  2. The reasons for having a business continuity plan that you listed above are very direct and to the point. I hope that business owners see the risk in not having one of the plans in their business scheme. It is very unsettling knowing that your business could be gone tomorrow. I am very glad that you posted this because it is enough information to get your point across to business owners.

  3. Above posted Business continuity plans are direct and to the point.Business continuity plan is a very much essential part for any business,so it requires well strategy.

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