– Due to the necessity of constant power for equipment in any data center all electrical systems must be redundant. Consequently, electrical cable design can be potentially complex and must be thoroughly planned in advance. Due to financial constraints many new data centers will only install as much equipment as it will need in the immediate-to-short-term, despite the fact that additional future capacity must be included in the original design.

Reducing upfront capital and operational costs can be complicated when designing, updating or expanding data centers.  Easy accessibility to all planning variables will enable the effective incorporation of redundant systems, and will save time and costs in initial design.

Roxtec Transit Manager Software (RTM) 3.0. helps make comprehensive, efficient planning possible.

Specifically: designing transits with CAD programs is time consuming, but also complicated and demanding of meticulous input.  Roxtec Transit Manager Software 3.0allows electrical engineers and project designers working on data center projects to reduce design time and cut costs through auto-planning.  An engineer can easily enter cables manually or import project data, then simply print material lists for purchase and ensure that only the right products arrive on site.

Roxtec Transit Manager Software 3.0allows each project to be documented, identified and labeled, with every frame opening to be shown as a photograph. Packing plans can be handed to installers for safe installation. Roxtec Transit Manager software allows a standalone installation either in a network of computers connected to a server, or even disconnected from the network.

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