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5 compelling reasons to upgrade your Windows system

Upgrade your Windows System – Debbie Fletcher, Guest Writer for Data Center POST, says: The launch of Windows 10 marks an opportunity for businesses to take stock of the operating system they use. There will be plenty [...]

Eliminate SLA-Related Finger-Pointing

      – David Meredith, senior vice president at CenturyLink, Today’s IT leaders are busier than ever. They are responsible for keeping their company’s infrastructure and business applications up and running, all the while keeping up to [...]

There Is Ample Room In the Cloud Market For Smaller Vendors

Cloud Market – Ted Navarro, technical writer for ComputeNext, says: In a recent interview on CNBC, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella made the following comment: I think that if you’re not already spending a lot of capital in [...]

xMatters 2015 Predictions

2015 Predictions – Troy McAlpin, CEO at xMatters, says: Sometimes, it seems IT departments exist primarily to keep the lights on — monitor and maintain systems, protect against data breaches and attacks, and repair or replace [...]

Strategies for Closing the Gap between Developers and Management

– Dan Silivestru, CEO, bitHound, says:     The struggle between developers and management is a tale as old as time. Developers accuse management of prioritizing speed over quality and management accuses developers of not putting [...]

Four Steps to Complete Data Governance

This video features Eric Carpenter and Grant O’ Donnell from Rand Secure Data and talks about the four steps to complete data governance. [...]

Illuminating Dark Data With Video Search, Analytics, and Management

Illuminating Dark Data – Ari Bixhorn, Vice-President, Panopto, says: There is no question—we are facing a data explosion. A recent study conducted by EMC and IDC found that the digital universe is doubling in size every two [...]

How Efficient Communications are Damaging Projects

Efficient Communications – Russell Harley, veteran project manager and Director at PMO, says: This may sound difficult to believe, but it can be true. In the definition of Efficient we find the following: “achieving maximum productivity with [...]

MarketplaceLIVE East 2014: Where Connectivity, Industry Insight and Business Opportunity Converge

MarketplaceLIVE East 2014 – Jessica Smith, Marketing Manager-Events with Telx, says: The North America Data Center Key Trends Report 2013-2014 estimates that data center outsourcing and colocation investments currently total approximately $8.8 billion, an increase of 13% [...]

Turnkey Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Preparedness, and Mobile Disaster Recovery

– Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says: As more and more businesses rely on their IT infrastructure to operate, the threat of business continuity following a natural or man-made disaster becomes a priority, further stressing the [...]

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