Christine Ewing, Director of Product Marketing with Symantec’s Endpoint Management Group (, says:

Symantec conducted a survey of more than 1,300 IT managers across the globe to help determine best – and worst – practices that will help make future Windows 7 migrations successful. The survey found that planning plays a key role in smooth upgrades: More than 80 percent of companies said that planning was helpful in facilitating the upgrade and minimizing costs.

The typical survey respondent felt that if a company had 10 or more PCs, it was worth investing in a solution to automate, and most companies automated about 54 percent of migration-related tasks. The IT manager for a midsized consulting company stated, “We picked a smaller department and used them as guinea pigs until we got all the kinks out. At that point, we knew where we stood and could automate the rest.”

The survey findings confirm that a sound migration plan and an integrated, automated solution are key ingredients of a successful migration to Windows 7. For the full report and other resources, please click HERE.