Dominique Levin, EVP of Marketing and Strategy for LogLogic (, says:

Why is getting a handle on log data and actually turning it into useful information a challenge?
Over one terabyte of log data is produced each day by the average enterprise. Multiply that figure by seven years (the length of time that the logs must be archived by law), and those logs, printed out, would stretch to the moon and back more than 6000 times. To make matters more complicated, logs are generated in different formats, and the strings of letters and numbers must be deciphered before someone can understand and act upon the log data.

LogLogic offers five product lines that can be seamlessly integrated to provide the most comprehensive log-powered security solution available. LogLogic’s open log management platform provides the architectural base where logs are collected, normalized, indexed, and stored. Built on top of this platform are four log-powered applications, which enable users to leverage the logs for a variety of security and business purposes. LogLogic Security Event Manager analyzes thousands of complex events in real time to reveal the most critical security incidents and provide deep insights into the security posture of the IT infrastructure. LogLogic Change Manager streamlines the end-to-end design and generation of network security rules. LogLogic Compliance Manager provides a workflow-based management system, role-based dashboards, and automatic regulatory mapping to reduce compliance time and increase efficiency. LogLogic Database Security Manager goes beyond native database audit functionality, providing a real-time detection and prevention system that monitors and analyzes all database activities—without impacting performance.

In this age of increasing data breaches, many organizations have implemented Database Security Monitoring. The problem is, most of these products employ passive monitoring: instead of being able to respond in real-time, the IT staff only discover a data breach later on when they review their logs. By that point, much damage has already been done. The better alternative is to combine active monitoring with real-time response. LogLogic’s soon-to-be-released Database Security Manager goes beyond passive monitoring by empowering users with real-time, proactive controls.