Scot Heath, chief technical officer at 42U (, says:

Why are data center server upgrades important?

From the perspective of the power and cooling infrastructure, severs continue to improve their energy efficiency. CPU manufacturers have implemented a variety of power management techniques which minimize power consumption at all operating points, even full load were occasional increases in frequency are allowed if conditions warrant it. The rest of the system continues to improve as well, the number of Gold and Platinum rated power supplies on the 80 PLUS® list is continuously growing, nearly all servers employ fan control resulting in minimized air flow, etc. Whether your PUE is 1.1 or 10.1, decreasing energy consumption is a positive step.

Power and cooling infrastructure manufacturers as well as design techniques have also continued to evolve. When undertaking a server upgrade, it may be an opportune time to upgrade the support technology as well. Close coupled cooling, economization (water or air side), higher efficiency UPS offerings, etc. all impact the bottom line. 42U ( offers a suite of specialized engineering services that enhance data center efficiency. These services can help understand the dynamics of your data center, including your server rack cooling and overall cooling requirements and deficiencies. In addition they can help you boost data center reliability, optimize your current cooling infrastructure, enable precision cooling to eliminate hot spots, and dramatically reduce bypass airflow. Call 1-800-638-2638 for a free data center project consultation.