Tomoko Shimizu, chief operating officer at Brekeke Software (, says:

The concept behind hosted telephony.

To provide enterprise level telephony functionalities in affordable pricing and minimal administrative cost and training in regardless the size of the telephony system.

Why it is attracting attention.

There are few factors that contribute to the popularity for hosted telephony:

  • Recent rapid growth in high-speed internet access infrastructure
  • Popularity of having employee at remote/home office
  • Minimize hire/training of IT staff at company premise
  • Availability of superior and up to date IP-PBX feature
  • Increase in popularity/availability in cloud computing infrastructure

Expected impact on the data center/IT space.

  • Greater demand for secure internet/data network
  • Increase in demand for superior data infrastructure

The hosted telephony may also be attractive option for larger enterprise customers with same reasons for SMB segments. The new type of telephony system will allow more scalability of the service, and increase efficiency of their employees. But they need to be aware of the different kind of security threat that they may not have experienced before as hosted telephony become more popular.

Brekeke PBX Multi-Tenant Edition is build with true multi-tenant architecture that allows service providers to host multiple tenants under one server. By allowing service providers to combine resources into one server, they can minimize cost for the operation and increase the efficiency of the system. By providing better solution for service provider, the consumer will benefit lower price of the telephony service without compromising the quality of the service.