Andres Rodriguez, CEO at Nasuni (, says:

Most IT managers are aware of the benefits that cloud storage can bring them, but up until now the cloud was not widely available for practical business use by organizations. The Nasuni Filer is transformative technology challenging traditional storage practices and perceptions. It allows organizations to leverage the cloud’s benefits of scalability, on demand capacity and reliability while maintaining strict security and access speeds. 2011 is a year in which we will see how cloud storage is put to practical use. A gateway product like the Nasuni Filer enables IT to take advantage of the cloud storage in a way that they are used to and will enable IT to more widely adopt the cloud.

A virtual file server lets IT save by reducing the company’s hardware footprint. It can be deployed along with many other virtual machines on one physical box and moved across physical boxes if needed. Less hardware means less costs and less management. A copy of the virtual file server can be stored in another location, which makes recovery from failures or natural disasters very easy. In case of a cloud-based virtual file server, recovery from a disaster is simple, fast and reliable, since the data is recovered from the cloud and the file server can be deployed on the virtual environment in a matter of minutes.

The Nasuni Filer is a primary file storage solution with built-in backup and disaster recovery rolled into a single solution that’s reliable, scalable and has a low cost footprint. The Filer is a virtual file server that combines local and cloud storage and provides customers with simple, on-premise NAS that never runs out of space or needs to be backed up. With snapshot technology, advanced caching, end-to-end encryption and a CIFS interface, the Filer acts just like an advanced file server but with added benefits of the cloud.

The Nasuni Filer automates much of the storage management and its on demand feature reduces the burden of monitoring capacity. IT managers who deploy the Nasuni Filer no longer need to deploy backup schemes for their files, worry about file server utilization or migration to new storage. They get unlimited storage that does not need to be backed up and they pay for only what they use. When a restore is needed from a disaster or simple hardware failure, recovery is very fast; the Nasuni Filer brings the metadata back first and allows quick access to the entire file system instantaneously. All of these benefits are delivered to the IT manager without any impact on the end user processes, since the Nasuni Filer supports CIFS and Active Directory and can replace any file server seamlessly.