Keith Cheney, Senior Vice President at Anue Systems (, says:

IT teams throughout the small to mid-sized enterprise segments must perform a delicate balancing act. They face increasing pressure to improve network performance, reliability and security. These improvements must be made in a business landscape of flat or shrinking budgets and teams, coupled with expectations of leveraging existing network infrastructure and CAPEX.

Effective network monitoring requires IT teams to continuously utilize a myriad of monitoring tools, each tool demanding a dedicated stream of network traffic. Ensuring monitoring coverage requires monitoring multiple network locations which can easily translate into the deployment of multiple costly monitoring tools. Engineers must also grapple with a lack of available network taps and SPAN ports, preventing them from easily connecting their tools to the network.
Anue Systems is a leading supplier of network visibility solutions used by large enterprise, service providers and government organizations to deliver network traffic to critical monitoring tools and IT security systems, as well as, application monitoring appliances.

Anue Systems Net Tool Optimizer (NTO) is transforming and simplifying network monitoring. The Anue NTO provides an innovative network visibility solution that improves network performance, security and availability by sharing network monitoring resources. Conventional monitoring tools send network traffic directly from taps and SPANs to their respective network monitoring tools; the 5200 NTO product line resides in between the connections and monitoring tools to aggregate, filter and regenerate traffic to its appropriate destination. This affords engineers the ability to make the most of their existing tap and SPAN infrastructures while improving the efficiency of decidedly expensive monitoring tools.

There are two key innovations that differentiate the Anue Net Tool Optimizer from the competition, the built-in GUI and automation features.

The industry leading CLI-Free GUI Console allows engineers to drag and drop virtual connections between ports and their respective monitoring tools. There is not a single command or function in the NTO that requires the use if CLI (command line interface). This means that even junior engineers can quickly and accurately configure and route network traffic to the appropriate location.

Enterprise-class automation is the other integral feature to Net Tool Optimizer. Engineers are provided with the ability to configure their monitoring environments to anticipate network changes and automatically respond to those changes by re-routing network traffic to the appropriate tools. This proactive approach to monitoring helps maintain the network infrastructure and help avoid network down-time.

The cost savings offered by the NTO product line are hard to overstate. Potentially, thousands of dollars are saved by leveraging existing network monitoring infrastructure in place of purchasing additional tools. Further cost savings are found utilizing existing 1G monitoring tools in lieu of purchasing expensive 10G tools. Engineers gain unprecedented network visibility with the NTO, affording them the opportunity to quickly troubleshoot network performance and security issues. Network monitoring automation provides IT teams with crucial time savings and ensures coverage during tool outages. Through the elimination of SPAN and tap shortages when introducing a new monitoring tool, the NTO contributes greatly to overall operational efficiency.

Anue Systems is constantly innovating and developing solutions that bring simplification to the increasingly complex and ever changing world of network monitoring. Through class-leading innovation, Anue is driving operational efficiency in the most demanding of environments.