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vinci-consulting-corporation-a-brutally-honest-assessor-of-networkingVinci Consulting Corporation CEO Paul Vinciguerra is a straight shooter, and it trickles down to every aspect of how he runs his company. From the way they engage with customers to the way they approach their space, making an easy sale is secondary to a straightforward and honest critique, and that’s what makes Vinci so interesting. While other Cisco resellers create designs with an end-goal of selling their clients more hardware, Vinciguerra will directly tell his clients that what they want to do, most likely won’t work, if that’s the case. And it’s this kind of candor that gives his team a clear overview of everything that goes on in their space, whether it involves overworked system administrators or questionable sales tactics employed by other resellers.

The reason I started this business wasn’t really to help anyone but myself, to be honest with you. I just wanted flexibility to spend time with my son,” explains Vinciguerra, on a different note. Surprisingly, flexibility is an issue in the networking space as well. Many of the solutions are rigidly designed for use with monitoring tools that don’t fit the customer’s environment or the solution “locks them in,” which leaves little to no room for interoperability, and often trades short term project delivery gains at the expense of long-term delays. Vinci Consulting defies this trend by sometimes programming automation scripts for their clients and making their solutions interoperable. They’ve even gone as far as redesigning their customers’ networks to use standards-based protocols rather than Cisco’s EIGRP that “just works” so that they could add on any third party components they wanted.

For us building highly resilient campus LANs, (which today people are calling the underlay) is the basis for everything. What we’ve done for customers is to we build them a strong underlay and move on to building up their data centers and then distributed data centers for them,” expounds Vinciguerra. This is a big differentiator for them. While other Cisco partners might head to Cisco’s website and rely on their old tried and true methods, Vinci Consulting is actively engineering and relies on the expertise of their Cisco CCIE certified engineers to deliver their solutions with a unique level of engagement. They can go to CIOs and explain what’s needed, or they can get in, roll up their sleeves, and get started on a project with other engineers while showing them how to get things done. That allows them to create more resilient projects and confront problems early in a project before their customers have to.

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