Originally posted to TelecomNewsroom

Every day, people are looking at communications infrastructure solutions to enable their businesses and keep companies digitally connected – no matter where they reside.   FiberLight has always been a leader in terms of deploying high-capcity, diverse fiber optic networks, and now moves into 2021 with a new CEO. In July 2020, the company announced the interim CEO appointment of Jim Lynch, the company’s Executive Chairman, now they have appointed Christopher Rabii, a proven industry executive the lead the company forward.

Rabii’s deep industry experience and knowledge will no doubt add value to FiberLight’s extensive roster of companies that leverage its dark fiber, Ethernet, Cloud Connect, Wavelength and DIA networking solutions. FiberLight prides itself on exceptional uptime for business continuity and enhanced information sharing.  According to the company’s press release, “Chris and his teams have consistently outperformed in key technical and operational areas, including network design, fiber construction, engineering, field operations, provisioning, maintenance and network monitoring.”

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