Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry,

Top 3 Considerations When Adding Data Center CapacityIn this this edition of “Voices of the Industry,” Samir Shah, Chief of Staff at BASELAYER, covers three of the top considerations when adding data center capacity. 

Enterprises, Internet of Things (IoT) initiatives, and Smart Cities across the globe are continuously pushing for a modern data center infrastructure that optimizes resource utilization while still considering how data center capacity is delivered over time. To accomplish these goals, the early planning phases are the critical steps in which all key stakeholders have a chance to give input.

However, many of the key questions can often be overlooked during this critical phase. Often these oversights result in increased operational and capital expenses over the lifetime of the data center asset.

Over the years, as BASELAYER has supported the development of data centers and data center capacity for a wide breadth of projects. These projects have yielded valuable lessons that you can apply to the planning process wherever data centers are needed.

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