Chris Romoser, Senior Director of Worldwide Communications and Public Relations at Iomega Corporation (, says:

Prices are low, so don’t sell yourself short on storage capacity.
Whether it’s Flash or Hard Drive-based, make sure your portable storage device has plenty of onboard storage capacity. Today it’s all about fat file images, video and music, not to mention multi-media work files, so it’s easy to chew up a lot of storage capacity in no time at all. Buy a portable storage device with more capacity than you think you’ll ever need. Today’s portable hard drives come in capacities that reach 500GB and still fit in your shirt sleeve pocket – and for less than $100. At that price, why sacrifice gigabytes by buying a smaller capacity portable drive just to save a few dollars? (Because that’s all you’ll save.) Get as much capacity as you can because you’d be surprised how many pictures you’ll take, how much video you’ll enjoy and how much work you’ll do. Don’t sell yourself short; you’ll undoubtedly regret it later.

Don’t be afraid to mix your portable storage with online storage for access anywhere, anytime.
Many of us suffer angst over the “Big Brother” syndrome, so there’s nothing like holding your own data in your very own hands, which is what we do with Flash drives and portable hard drives. But sometimes we forget a file or lose a file or – don’t even say it – we lose our portable device. So it’s not a bad idea to utilize the “Cloud” and get yourself some online storage. Vendors are plentiful today, but Mozy’s offer of 2GB of free online storage, or unlimited storage for $4.95 per month, is hard to beat. Open your own free account and feel the freedom of being able to access your own data when you’re five minutes or 500 miles away from the office. Even if you did have the very same file on your portable storage device.