Scott Ashdown, director, products and solutions at MXI Security (, says:

Encrypt All Portable Storage. Make sure that all portable storage media are encrypted. Don’t go for easily-breakable software encryption, especially now that hardware-based encryption is affordable.

Strong Authentication to Portable Storage. Make sure that unlocking your secure portable storage devices is at least as secure as logging into your network — after all, the data being protected is just as sensitive. On the flip side, demand a rescue method to deal with users who go offsite and suddenly forget their password.

Lock Out Unauthorized Devices. Prevent usage of devices you haven’t authorized for your network with a good port control solution. Only those products you’ve selected will be usable, keeping security tight.

Integrate with Your Overall Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) Requirements. Full DLP will let you determine who can get access to what, where they can take it, and where they can’t. As soon as the data leaves your network, you lose control, so make sure the DLP is part of your mobile storage strategy to win back the control you need.

Manage the System. In truth, integrated management of all aspects of the system isn’t necessary for most organizations. However, ensure that you can issue and track all portable storage media, as well as centrally configure all policies on port control and DLP systems.