Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry,

The Power Paradox of Hyper-Converged InfrastructureIn this week’s Voices of the Industry, Jake Ring, CEO of dcBLOX, explains why hyper-convergence in the data center is top of mind for many of today’s IT leaders and explores the new data centers emerging that support hyper-converged infrastructure. 

If there is one technology innovation capturing the attention of IT leaders and CFOs alike, it’s hyper-convergence in the data center. The evolution from hardware-defined silos supporting specific applications to converged architectures with dynamic configuration through software defined networking (SDN) has dramatically increased IT flexibility. The enhanced agility empowers organizations to meet customer requirements more efficiently, with undeniable business benefits.

So what’s the catch? While hyper-converged infrastructure and systems offer centralized management, increased scalability and the opportunity to share resources between applications, the equipment that makes this possible can be power hungry. IT leaders may discover that what once appeared to be more than adequate data center capacity is quickly consumed by half-empty rack cabinets running near maximum power loads.

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