Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller,

Digital Realty We Want Deals That Make Us Better, Not Just BiggerWith 145 properties spanning 23 million square feet of space, Digital Realty is the biggest player in the global data center industry. Amid active growth and consolidation, the company is focused on staying strategic, which sometimes means passing on a huge cloud deal or potential acquisition.

“We’re going to remain disciplined in our approach,” said Scott Peterson, the Chief Investment Officer at Digital Realty. “We’re not going to jump on any opportunities that will really only serve to make us bigger and not better.”

Yesterday’s earnings reflected another strong quarter for Digital Realty, which is seeking to broaden its portfolio of products as well as properties. The company’s leadership team says it wants to proceed prudently in an environment with many avenues for growth. The earnings call offered a window into how the company sees the data center market evolving. One thing is clear: As the digital transformation continues, there’s plenty of demand.

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