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The NEDAS Washington D.C. Symposium was held on November 21, 2019, at Spire — a fantastic venue near Union Station with views of the Capitol Building just a few blocks away.  The event had more than 20 presenters sharing their expert insights and taking part in lively discussions. From Public Safety to investments in infrastructure, network to the tower, smart cities, in-building wireless solutions and more — the programming was very well received and resulted in a lot of insider perspectives being shared and garnered throughout the day. 

Following the opening remarks by myself and Steve Yapsuga, the co-chair of the NEDAS Advisory Council and Director of Sales for Comba Telecom, the day began with a dramatic presentation moderated by Laurie Caruso, Founder and CEO of Safe-Fi Technologies. The presentation discussed the urgent needs of Public Safety in an LTE world.  Also capturing the attention of the room was panelist John Foley, Managing Director of the Safer Buildings Coalition, Dennis Burns of ADRF and Guy Jouannelle of Jouannelle Consulting.   

New to the NEDAS stage was MVP Capital, a leading investment bank for the communications infrastructure industry. MVP Capital sponsored a panel titled The DAS Industry, From the Financial Community’s Perspective.  Panelists included Patrick Fear of AB Private Credit Investors, Abhishek Rampuria of M/C Partners and Edward Farscht of Diamond Communications. Sean Hew, Vice President of MVP Capital, led an interesting discussion that resulted in challenging questions from participants about the viability and longevity of the growth of the market (Hint: fiber is needed nearly everywhere).

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