Ilissa Miller, Founder and CEO of iMiller Public Relations and publisher of Data Center POST and CloudPOST, sat down with KJ Orth, who was recently appointed as the Global Ambassador to 1025Connect, to discuss his new position as well as the company’s current trajectory.

1025Connect is Long Island’s premier network-neutral Carrier Hotel located at 1025 Old Country Road in Westbury, New York. Positioned at the “Continental Edge,” this facility is renowned throughout the telecom industry for its ability to connect subsea and terrestrial networks with the optional ability to bypass Manhattan fiber for greater network diversity.

During this interview, KJ discussed 1025Connect’s unique position within the industry, examining the Continental Edge and its impact on global connectivity to and from the U.S. He also shared what he hopes to accomplish in his new role as Global Ambassador.

Ilissa Miller: I’d like to extend my sincere congratulations on being appointed Global Ambassador of 1025Connect. What do you hope to accomplish in this position?

KJ Orth: Thank you very much! I am delighted and honored to serve 1025Connect as its Global Ambassador, and look forward to helping expand the organization’s international presence. In this new role, I will work toward developing new strategic partnerships with industry-leading enterprises while simultaneously nurturing existing alliances to further cultivate 1025Connect’s global reach.

Ilissa Miller: What can you tell us about 1025Connect and its unique offerings?

KJ Orth: 1025Connect delivers high-quality colocation solutions that are designed to enable a multitude of network interconnections under a single roof. Its unique positioning at the Continental Edge enables it to provide diverse interconnectivity between Europe, the United States, Africa and Latin America with a high level of reliability and redundancy.

Ilissa Miller: How has your industry experience prepared you to take on this new role?

KJ Orth: I have more than 30 years of experience within marketing and telecommunications, making me an excellent fit for this position. As the Founder, Executive Partner and Managing Director of ancotel GmbH, upon our acquisition by Equinix  I served as a senior advisor to the new owners helping to facilitate seamless integration of the two entities. I plan to leverage my experience to the benefit of 1025Connect by establishing lasting relationships with key industry players around the world.

Ilissa Miller: Finally, can you tell us more about the “Continental Edge”?

KJ Orth: The “Continental Edge” is a term used to describe the location at which terrestrial and subsea networks meet. By establishing Carrier Hotels and interconnection facilities at the Continental Edge, providers are able to deliver fast and reliable international connectivity, allowing companies to easily peer with a myriad of networks and internet exchanges to enable superior interconnectivity. It’s 1025Connect’s position that this Continental Edge location is essential for cloud providers to be present at because they also require superior networks. That’s why I’m personally engaging with cloud computing companies to bring them to 1025Connect’s outstanding facility.

Ilissa Miller: Thank you for your time, and congratulations again on your new position.

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