By: Brooke Chaplan

Technology changes today on what seems like a daily basis. Just when you feel like you have updated your smartphone, or adopted a new process, it seems like new devices are developed and new ways of doing business are introduced. This is why you need to focus on trends and the new technology your business needs to roll out this year if you want to compete with others in your playing field. If you are not sure what to focus your attention on, here is technology you should not be missing out on for the sake of your company. 

Move Your Infrastructure to the Cloud
One way to minimize the costs and services of running your IT infrastructure is to move some of those same systems to the Cloud. For small businesses, on-premises technology can be very difficult and expensive when you choose to retain the functions in house. By relieving yourself the burden of paying for these expenses and reducing the complexity that is involved with IT functions, you can focus more of your time and money on other technologies that will improve efficiency and reduce other operational costs. For example you might switch over to a free document program like GoogleDocs in lieu of purchasing a word program.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management Programs for Engagement
Technology has changed the way relationships are built and nurtured. There are now Customer Relationship Management software programs that have not just sales functions, but also marketing applications. These CRM programs are used for not just contact management and automating sales, they are also used to help come up with new marketing strategies so marketing and sales teams can be better aligned.

Responsive Websites to Embrace Mobile Commerce
It is projected that mobile commerce will reach $114 billion in sales by 2017. As more and more consumers use their smartphones and tablets to purchase and research companies while on the go, the need for responsive websites has never been greater. When a site is responsive, it can be accessed on mobile devices and will be fully functional. With a ready-made responsive website design, you can sell and generate business from mobile users and not just those on a computer.

As business technology is being introduced to the cloud, costs for tech devices and processes will go down. While this is true, it is also true that there will be greater vulnerabilities and a growing need for cybersecurity systems and training. To prevent data breaches and attacks, be sure to invest in security awareness training for a cloud-based world. Programs like Global Learning Systems are also going the extra mile by training employees in security measures. By doing this, you can equip your staff with the knowledge to stay vigilant as you begin to use new technologies.