By: Joanna Styczen, Technical Writing Director, iMiller Public Relations


The growth of Internet network hijacking, Internet congestion and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks is causing major concerns for enterprises that wish to connect to the cloud.  Combine these with increased complexity and performance issues, and it comes as no surprise that connecting to the cloud over the public Internet is no longer the preferred method of global enterprises with growing security and data requirements.  These connectivity challenges have spurred an increased demand from enterprises for secure, direct network-to-network interconnection to business-critical cloud infrastructures, as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers and other enterprise partners.

Realizing this growing need, Console Inc. recently launched its revolutionary software and interconnection platform, Console, to provide a more secure, simpler and faster way for companies across the globe to connect directly and bypass the public Internet.  Similar to social networking platforms like LinkedIn, Console makes collaboration and connecting easy – just with enterprise networks, not people.  The platform’s key differentiator and true value lie in its ability to streamline the direct connect process and remove the complexities of configuration.  Specifically, Console eliminates the need for companies to become global network operators with specialized network engineering and manual processes required to configure access to disparate networks.  Console users are able to connect to the cloud as well as other providers and partners via a simple point and click.

To enable direct connect, Console Inc. has partnered with industry-leading data center operators, Network Service Providers (NSPs) and technology partners through several Console Partner Programs: the Console Data Center Partner Program, the Console NSP Partner Program and the Console Technology Partner Program.  Data center operator members of the Console Data Center Partner Program receive a turnkey solution that makes their facilities Console-enabled and ready to offer customers direct access to the platform for network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration globally.  Current data center partners include 910Telecom, Hurricane Electric, Netelligent Hosting Services, RACK59, ScaleMatrix, and T5 Data Centers.

Qualified customers of Console NSP Partner Program members also gain direct access to Console for global network-to-network and enterprise-to-enterprise collaboration once the NSP partner has established a Network-to-Network Interface (NNI) with a Console node in one or more global regions. NSP partners currently include iTel, Metro Optic, One Source Networks, Online Tech, SummitIG, VeloCloud and Zayo Group.  The Console Technology Partner Program works with leading technology partners to develop Console and ensure its interoperability. Current Console Technology Partners include BTI Systems, Fedora, CloudRouter and OpenDaylight.  All Console Partner Program members also receive access to marketing resources in order to promote Console to their customers.

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