Take Control of Your Business: Chekhub and Nomad Futurist Unveil Partnership Ahead of PTC’23

Data Center POST had the opportunity to connect with Sarah El-Taher, Director of Sales at Chekhub, a centralized and real-time Operations Management Platform designed to manage, scale, and empower a company’s most valuable resource – its people. In a time when developing skilled teams is more challenging than ever, Chekhub gives frontline teams the tools to execute with precision, no matter the skill level. Read more from Sarah to learn about the services Chekhub plans to discuss at PTC’23 below.  

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: What does participating in PTC’23 mean to your company?

Sarah El-Taher, Director of Sales (SE) Answer: We’re excited to meet new people in the data center and telecom industries and re-engage with our friends, clients, and colleagues. But most importantly, we’ll be making an exciting partnership announcement that will impact the whole industry! Get ready!

DCP Q: What products/services/locations/other are you excited to share at the PTC’23 conference? 

SE A: At PTC’23, we’re looking forward to sharing the capabilities of our data center operations platform, and announcing our upcoming education initiative.

DCP Q: As you think about PTC’23, what business goal is most important to you and why?

SE A: One of the most important business goals for me and Chekhub as we think about PTC’23 is meeting new potential prospects that can benefit from our operations management platform.

DCP Q: How can people meet or learn more about you at PTC’23 (or after)?

SE A: During PTC’23, there will be various opportunities for people to connect with the Chekhub team and learn more about us. After the event, the best way to reach us or learn more would be via Linkedin, the Chekhub website, or at other upcoming industry events – which we will announce our attendance for on Linkedin.

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company?

SE A: Chekhub is a work enablement software that helps high-growth companies quickly and confidently scale their capabilities at a time when developing skilled teams is more challenging than ever. Combine and connect your operations workflows and create precision, efficiency, and clarity under a single, centralized solution.

If you want to learn more about PTC’23, please visit: www.ptc.org. The event takes place January 15-18, 2023 in Honolulu, HI – registration is still open for those interested in attending. 

To learn more about Chekhub, click here.

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