Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

Switch believes the building blocks for the digital world will come in different sizes. The company today unveiled new data center designs that package its innovations into a smaller form factor, updating its Modular Optimized Design (MOD) to expand beyond hyperscale facilities.

Switch has been using its factory-built MOD designs to deploy millions of square feet of data center space on massive campuses in Las Vegas, Reno and Grand Rapids, Michigan. The MOD approach uses a template and pre-fabricated components to create a “build once, run anywhere” design integrating Switch’s custom power, cooling and building systems. These projects have all used the MOD 250, a 250-foot wide design optimized for hyperscale environments.

Today Switch introduced the MOD 100, a 100-foot wide data center that can adapt its hyperscale designs to new applications, including edge computing and smart cities as well as localized requirements for enterprise facilities.

The company recently deployed its first MOD 100 unit on its CORE Campus in Las Vegas, completing the project in just six months. The new design reflects Switch’s ambitions to continue to expand into new geographies and provide infrastructure for next-generation technologies.

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