Professionals from across the digital infrastructure community are now coming together through trade associations to seek better ways of designing, building and operating enterprise networks.

One such association is Infrastructure Masons (iMasons), a non-profit organization designed to help its members connect, grow and give back to the industry. Established in 2016, the iMasons organization brings together more than 1,400 members from 139 countries.

Right now, iMasons is focusing on building out its Founding Partner program to obtain more talent and financial resources for its educational, networking and industry-supporting donation programs. This council was created to provide the organization with a better overall understanding of the industry by creating more effective collaboration between end users and providers. 

image1Just recently, it was revealed that EdgeConneX® will be participating as a Founding Partner for iMasons. Additionally, EdgeConneX vice president of innovation and chief architect, Phill Lawson-Shanks, will sit on the iMasons Partner Advisory Council where he will provide thought leadership for the organization as it develops. Mr. Lawson-Shanks joins eight council members from various sponsor organizations, helping to advise the association’s Board of Directors and End User Advisory Council while also providing stewardship of iMasons’ committees, events and workgroups.

“Innovation and progress within the data center and digital infrastructure community is built upon collaboration among industry professionals,” stated Mr. Lawson-Shanks. “I’m enthusiastic about joining the iMasons and look forward to the opportunity to help our community thrive by strengthening and supporting foundational digital infrastructure and the companies and individuals who create it.”

EdgeConneX joins Dell, Aligned Energy, Vertiv, CommScope, Stream Data Centers and Universal Electric as the newest Founding Partner of iMasons. In becoming a Founding Partner of the organization, EdgeConneX will collaborate with data center industry leaders to execute the iMasons mission of providing technical professionals and data center executives with an independent forum for connecting and growing.

“We are delighted that EdgeConneX has joined iMasons through our Founding Partner program,” shared Mark Monroe, Executive Director, Infrastructure Masons. “We look forward to their contributions in our pursuit of advancement of the industry, peer development and social impact.”

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