Brian Cox, Chief Executive Officer of STACK INFRASTRUCTURE (STACK), recently sat down with Peter Judge of DatacenterDynamics to discuss the data center market potential for Ashburn, Virginia and New York City. Ashburn, the world’s largest data center hub, has long been the indisputable leader. Lately, New York City is drawing attention for the benefits it offers.

“STACK has been around for a quarter and has assets in six markets that scale to deliver capacity to meet the unique growth trajectory of our customers,” said Mr. Cox. “We’re excited to put a new brand together to really meet the needs of our customers both now and in the future.”

The Ashburn data center market

“People ask if Ashburn can keep growing. I believe it can,” said Brian Cox stated. “I believe there’s still a significant capacity in the marketplace. That absorption rate is phenomenal.” Ashburn, Virginia, the largest data center hub in the world, still offers plenty of room for continued expansion. “It has a highly favorable tax policy,” Mr. Cox continued. “Offering plenty of available land, proximity to fiber, and a local power utility that acts more like a provider.”

He also sees the value of Manhattan and its benefits. “New York City, with its interconnectivity and low latency and the proximity within Manhattan and the 60 Hudson Street facility to a high density of industry 100 entities, continues to win ‘eyeballs.’ The need in that market,” he explained, “Is for interconnectivity, low latency and a high-quality cached environment. The value of interconnectivity will continue to increase, especially in the primary carrier hotels within the city.”

STACK provides custom-built critical data center infrastructure, and serves a wide variety of customers including hyperscalers, cloud and content providers. Identifying market advantages is something the company does about every day.

STACK, formed earlier this year and has data centers in 6 markets, including Ashburn. The STACK NVA01 data center is a classic example of an older facility being rebuilt from the ground up. Readers can learn more about STACK and its Ashburn facility here.

To watch the full video interview between Brian Cox and Peter Judge, click here.