–  Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says: 

These days, optimizing water usage is something everyone should consider.  Agricultural, technology and hospitality customers across the globe constantly seek ways to purify water and save money on energy and water in the process. Silver Bullet is making a name for itself as a provider of affordable water purification solutions.

One place where the Silver Bullet solution is making waves is in the hospitality industry.  As more and more hotels become concerned with water and energy conservation and savings, they are turning to Silver Bullet Water Treatment System to maximize the efficacy of their existing infrastructure.  Now, the Silver Bullet solution can be found at the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City.

The 31-story tower with 189 luxury suites, St. Regis hotel in Mexico City is the latest customer to install Silver Bullet technology.  The technology is a great fit for the hotel due to the fact that it comes with little upfront capital expense, so the hotel was able to install the solution without denting its budget.  Rented monthly, the Silver Bullet solution takes the pressure off of the purchasing decision.  Companies can easily install the system with little hassle and do not have to worry about allocating large amounts of money to get started. They then see an immediate Return on Investment (ROI).

The Silver Bullet System works by deploying a chemical process known as ‘Advanced Oxidation Process’ or AOP.  Through Silver Bullet’s AOP, a gas is generated from ambient air and is diffused into water.  This gas is composed of highly effective Hydroxyl (OH-) and oxygen radicals. The radicals trigger various chemical reactions which reduce microbiological growth, holds minerals in concentration, prevents scale and reduces rates of corrosion. This in turn reduces the total amount of water consumption in the hotel without using any hazardous chemicals.  Its cutting-edge patented technology creates a powerful and proven natural non-toxic biocide when injected in water, killing all bacteria, removing scale and preventing corrosion. This saves money both in the short- and long-term ¾ prolonging the life of infrastructure.

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