– Joanna Styczen, spokesperson for iMPR, says: 

As the world’s eighth-largest economy, California is home to many of America’s largest companies, including global media and entertainment companies, multinational energy corporations, banking institutions and financial services firms, major biomedical research centers and large manufacturing entities.  It also serves as the primary international telecommunications hub for traffic between the US and Asia-Pacific.  60% of the state’s population resides in Southern California – approximately 22 million people.  Enabling connectivity in this telecommunications epicenter is key, as businesses look for reliable infrastructure to extend their reach from Southern California to the rest of the world.

Wilcon, a premier provider of premium fiber optic network and data center infrastructure, owns and operates one of the largest fiber optic networks in Southern California.  Wilcon provides critical connectivity for: service providers; enterprises; cloud providers; wireless companies; government entities; healthcare and educational institutions; media and entertainment companies; and Content Delivery Network (CDN) customers, offering diverse and reliable routes into strategic SoCal submarkets and beyond.

Service Providers

With Wilcon, today’s regional, national or global service providers can cost-effectively extend their reach and deliver services more efficiently leveraging access to 3,000 miles of fiber and connectivity to 1,000 major Internet hubs and data centers, key enterprise locations and wireless communications facilities.


IDC, a global market intelligence firm, predicts the big data technology and services market to reach $32.4 billion by 2017.  Wilcon offers enterprise customers dedicated fiber network and interconnection capabilities coupled with high-performance routes and network diversity to meet these massive data demands.  Wilcon also offers secure data networking and reliable disaster recovery to ensure the reliable, low latency delivery of enterprises’ mission-critical traffic.

Media & Entertainment

As the core of the media and entertainment industry, Southern California contains many of the world’s major media facilities, studios and post-production houses.  Wilcon maintains private network connectivity to many of them, custom designing dark fiber and private network solutions to securely and efficiently deliver bandwidth-intensive media traffic.

Cloud Providers

With extensive fiber assets and interconnection, data center and colocation capabilities at their disposal, Cloud providers can rest assured they will have access to unparalleled bandwidth flexibility, reliability, latency performance and security.

Wireless Providers

The IEEE forecasts there will be about 15 billion fixed and mobile network devices in operation by 2015.  By 2017, there will be a 58 percent CAGR in average bandwidth consumption.  Wilcon enables wireless providers to reduce the strain on backhaul networks and meet rising mobile demands by providing extensive fiber connectivity to cell towers as well as 1,000 major wireless communications facilities.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

From software downloads to e-commerce portals, social networks and website content, Wilcon’s robust data center infrastructure, reliable fiber network and large bandwidth capabilities ensure faster, more reliable digital content delivery.


Wilcon’s high bandwidth capacity and fiber infrastructure enable the secure, reliable and more efficient transfer, convergence, integration, compliance, storage and mobility of critical patient data.


Federal, state and local government entities across SoCal look to Wilcon’s high-performance fiber networks, data center, interconnection, Ethernet and Wavelength services to ensure secure and reliable connectivity to key area facilities.  Wilcon solutions play a key role in the secure transfer of critical governments data, the optimizations of defense operations, improvement of transportation systems, accelerated emergency response capabilities and enhanced research and education networks.


From K-12, to higher education, to research facilities, Southern California’s educational institutions trust Wilcon’s fiber solutions to deliver high quality connectivity for today’s ‘connected classrooms’, including: distance learning applications; SMART Board technology; video conferencing; security systems; and cloud computing capabilities.

Wilcon will be attending International Telecom Week (ITW) in Chicago.  Taking place at the Hyatt Regency Chicago May 11-14, ITW is the annual meeting point for the wholesale telecommunications community.

To learn more about Wilcon, request a meeting with a Wilcon representative at ITW by emailing itw@wilcon.com or visit www.wilcon.com. The Wilcon team is currently accepting meetings in the company’s ITW meeting room, #4235, located on the Gold Level of the Hyatt Regency Hotel.