Originally posted to LinkedIn by Thomas Brown, President & CEO of DataGryd

Making the case for 60 Hudson Street is as easy as space, power and connectivity.  Hands down, 60 Hudson Street is one of the world’s greatest carrier hotels 一 an ultra-connected building capable of transmitting Zettabytes of data (the equivalent of three hundred trillion MP3s).

However, it’s too easy for people to remember how the building was years ago than to be re-informed of how it is.  So, this is my story of 60 Hudson Street 一 as it is today.

As the new CEO of DataGryd, a data center operator at 60 Hudson Street, it is amazing  to witness the intensity of this building firsthand, while working with our team to identify ways we can help companies be more efficient.  With multiple megawatt suites, we offer build-to-suit solutions for companies that need access to reliable, redundant space, power and network capacity.  In addition to providing facilities meeting the specifications outlined above, DataGryd has up to five 1MW suites that can be customized in smaller increments, starting at 250 kW up to 5 MW, to meet tenants’ needs.

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