data center cooling


 Ilissa Miller, CEO, iMiller Public Relations, says:

These days, organizations everywhere are looking for ways to reduce waste and go green.  While enterprises attempt to cut excess waste in every aspect of the business, including unnecessary paper printing, light sensors and low flush toilets, companies must also look to their largest uses of resources.  In commercial and industrial buildings, this typically includes the cooling tower and its massive use of water.  However, one of the largest consumers of water is most often the data center, due to its underlying need for heat rejection to maintain a constant load from IT equipment.

Data centers are unique in their near constant load of energy, giving off vast amounts of heat.  In fact, a typical 15-megawatt data center can use upwards of 360,000 gallons of water per day to keep servers and equipment cool enough to operate effectively.  Over the course of a year, that comes to 131,400,000 gallons of water.

With so much water being used to cool data centers, it has become more imperative to find more sustainable options.

To combat this problem, Silver Bullet offers a revolutionary chemical treatment solution that allows companies to more efficiently re-use the large amount of water that is needed to perform data center cooling, without contaminating the water with traditional toxic chemicals.  Typically, when water is stored for re-use, microorganisms and mineral scale deposits form, compromising the water.  The Silver Bullet technology allows water to be re-used to a higher level than traditional chemical treatments, while still offering the same benefits of a biocide and anti-scaling effect.  However, unlike traditional toxic chemicals, Silver Bullet manufactures a non-toxic chemical biocide as well as a very aggressive anti-scaling regimen that is on par, or better, than traditional chemicals.  Another unique benefit of the entire Silver Bullet process is that most environments also enjoy a dramatic decline in industry-accepted rates of corrosion, which comes as a by-product of Silver Bullet’s unique anti-scaling process.

The company’s cutting-edge water treatment technology is touted for being able to remove 99.8 percent of the bacteria typically found in cooling towers.  This includes the elimination of Legionella bacteria, which is known to cause Legionnaire’s disease.  To accomplish this, Silver Bullet relies on a proprietary electrochemical treatment system that both disinfects and cleanses the water, cutting water use, electricity and toxic chemical use.

For more information about how your data center can do its part to clean up the environment, while saving money, resources and reducing operational expenses, please click here.