sms passcode

henrik jerberg

Henrik Jeberg, managing director, North America of SMS PASSCODE,  says:

A username and password are no longer enough to authenticate the identity of employees accessing corporate networks and data. Research indicates that weak or stolen user credentials are the preferred weapons used by cybercriminals, and are behind approximately 76 percent of all network intrusions.

To meet the demand for stronger, more intelligent user authentication, SMS PASSCODE’s multi-factor authentication platform now integrates with Globalscape’s secure managed file transfer solution, Enhanced File TransferTM (EFTTM).

This strategic alliance will provide customers with multi-factor authentication and secure file transfer in a single solution, without compromising user experience.

SMS PASSCODE offers a balance between strong security and high user convenience, with features that include:

  • Leveraging the one thing users always carry with them – their mobile phone – and provides a superior user experience by taking full advantage of contextual information such as time, geo-location, and type of login system being accessed.
  • Intelligent authentication that sees whether users are logging in from trusted locations like home or the office, versus an airport lounge with public Wi-Fi (for example), and conveniently delivers the appropriate level of security for the users.

Data center security is more complicated – and more important – than ever before. It used to be enough to carry around a hardware token for authenticating access to sensitive assets within the network. Yet the rise of modern threats and fresh new approaches to malware, have made tokens and other clunky authenticators obsolete. This partnership uses SMS PASSCODE’s adaptive multi-factor authentication to secure access to Globascape’s FTP offering, delivering a seamless and secure solution.

“There has been an increasing amount of scrutiny on data security at rest and in motion particularly as it relates to managed file transfer. Vendors need to provide additional safeguards to prevent data breaches, but these security measures have to be user friendly, said Chandana Gopal, research manager at IDC. “Managed file transfer solutions that use mobile phones for two-factor authentication using SMS provide a simple and effective solution enabling additional security with minimal costs.”