In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, data centers are under immense pressure to keep up with increasing demands for performance, security, and agility. Traditional network infrastructures are often inflexible and difficult to manage, resulting in slower response times, increased downtime, and higher costs. This is where Telescent’s Network Topology Manager (NTM) comes in. The NTM is a groundbreaking solution designed to transform traditional networks into agile, automated, and secure infrastructure. In this blog, we will explore the top security benefits of the Telescent NTM and how the system helps protect data centers.  

In today’s digital age, data centers hold a significant amount of critical information, making it essential to ensure their security. With the rise in cybersecurity threats, it is imperative to have robust security features in place to safeguard access to and the sensitive data in these centers. As such, the Telescent NTM provides an innovative solution that addresses the security challenges of data centers. From automated cross-connect to encryption of control plane traffic, the Telescent NTM provides a comprehensive security suite that meets the requirements of modern-day data centers.

Automated Cross-Connect: Telescent NTM offers a software-defined automated patch panel that eliminates the need for technicians to manually access the meet-me-room for cross-connect or reconfiguration requests. This reduces the risk of human errors, a leading cause of data center failures, and improves security by minimizing physical access to the high-value MMR.

Controlled Access: Telescent NTM provides administrative rights to control access to all of the ports of the system. This allows for the segmentation of the NTM by user or customer account, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific ports on the system.  Change requests can also be viewed by a second user to validate a command, just as some high security meet-me rooms require 2 personnel in the room any time changes are made.  In addition, all changes to the system are logged and can be traced back to individual users.

Key features include:

  • Two-Factor Authentication: To ensure a secure connection, the Telescent NTM requires confirmation in the system, which serves as an equivalent to two-factor authentication. This strengthens the security of the system and reduces the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Activity Logs: The Telescent NTM maintains a machine-accurate inventory of connections and logs all activity on the system. This helps to create a record of all access by user ID and configuration request, providing additional security measures.
  • Encryption: All communication with the Telescent NTM is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access to the system. This ensures that the critical infrastructure of many companies that rent space in the building is secure within the data center

By implementing the Telescent NTM, multi-tenant data center operators can bring automation into the meet-me-room to improve both security and performance while replacing outdated manual processes. Contact Telescent today to learn more about implementing the Telescent NTM in your data center.

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