In a recent interview with Data Center POST, Bill Thomson, VP of Marketing & Product Management at DC BLOX, a leading multi-tenant data center and carrier-neutral network solution in the Southeastern U.S., shares his insights and vision for the upcoming International Telecoms Week 2023 (ITW). As an experienced technology industry leader, Thomson sheds light on DC BLOX’s digital infrastructure offerings, including data centers, dark fiber solutions, and a regional network ecosystem that provides high-capacity connectivity throughout the Southeastern United States. Read on to discover what DC BLOX has in store for ITW 2023.

Data Center POST (DCP) Question: International Telecoms Week is one of the industry’s largest and most important events for the year, what type of company do you work for and what are you looking forward to accomplishing at ITW 2023? 

Bill Thomson, VP of Marketing and Project Management, DC BLOX (BT) Answer: DC BLOX is a digital infrastructure provider focused on delivering services to enterprises, communications providers and hyperscalers in the Southeast US. We offer data centers, a regional network ecosystem, and dark fiber solutions to our customers. Our goal at ITW is to  meet with partners, prospective customers, and potential investors to help build out the digital infrastructure required to meet regional needs and drive the growth of local businesses and economies.

DCP Q: The first ITW Keynote panel features some of the industry’s largest players sharing their perspectives of the industry.  What is the top trend that you and your company has its sights on, and why? 

BT A: There is significant investment going on in Edge markets across the world. Digital infrastructure is growing rapidly and being placed in locations closer to consumers everywhere. We are experiencing it first-hand in the Southeast with hyperscalers, major enterprises and SaaS companies partnering, building and leasing new infrastructure. We are certainly interested in hearing about these trends and progress in other markets across the US. In addition, we are interested in hearing peers talk about the significant impact expected from AI/ML technology on the data center industry, and the most recent progress on sustainability initiatives.

DCP Q: As the global wholesale infrastructure industry continues to evolve, what are you experiencing from enterprise users about how they need to be supported (or technologies they need developed?)  

BT A: The IT landscape is changing rapidly, and enterprises are looking for ways to become more agile in the face of increasingly distributed IT infrastructure. Enterprises still plan to maintain infrastructure in company-owned data centers, but many are reducing new deployments and consolidating space. They are also moving new workloads to the cloud and need ways to connect their local infrastructure to their emerging cloud apps. Finally, colocation is playing an increasing role in handling workloads that exceed local capacity, extending operations to new locations, and enhancing connectivity capabilities required by distributed services

DCP Q: The cloud continues to be a hot topic. Some say it’s continuing to grow even bigger, and others are saying businesses are starting to repatriate from the cloud into managed infrastructure, such as bare metal. What are you experiencing in your business and how are you adapting to that?  

BT A: Businesses are certainly leveraging the cloud for many existing and new applications. However, the cloud is not optimal for every application due to data sovereignty requirements, industry regulations, security concerns, latency requirements, and more. We have seen that companies have tested the cloud for certain applications and have decided that it may be more economical or more efficient to run them on local infrastructure. However, scalability and flexibility benefits are critical to many businesses, so cloud services will continue to be leveraged. As digital transformation continues across industries, more digital infrastructure will be deployed in the cloud and local data centers. Robust connectivity options will be the key to moving data between the most optimal execution venue for a company’s applications, so we expect growth on all fronts.

DCP Q: What are you most looking forward to sharing about your company at ITW 2023? 

BT A: DC BLOX is a great digital infrastructure partner for enterprise, communications providers, and hyperscalers. In addition to our data centers strategically located in edge markets across the Southeast, we are also building a cable landing station in Myrtle Beach, SC and dark fiber routes across the region. With our vertically integrated capabilities to build the infrastructure needed to meet a variety of customer needs, we believe we are a great partner for any organization focused on growing its services in the region.

DCP Q: What else would you like for our readers to know that you haven’t already shared about your company? 

BT A: If you would like to meet DC BLOX at ITW, please make your request through our PR partner, iMPR. In general, you can always go to for more information about our company or to request a meeting.

If you want to learn more about ITW 2023, please visit: here. The event takes place May 14-17, 2023 in National Harbor, MD. 

To learn more about DC BLOX, check out their website here

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