Sabey Data Centers, a leading designer, builder, and operator of multi-tenant data centers, recently announced its partnership with ECLAIRION, a leader in ecological and modular high-density data center solutions. This partnership marks a significant milestone, as both companies combine their expertise to offer services to clients worldwide.

ECLAIRION, headquartered in Paris, France, specializes in containerized data center solutions, catering primarily to high-density IT equipment hosting. Their commitment to environmental sustainability sets them apart, as they strive towards carbon neutrality through innovative cooling technologies and decarbonized energy supplies.

President at Sabey Data Centers, Rob Rockwood is excited for the partnership with ECLAIRION, highlighting the capacity to meet clients’ increasing demands for AI-based solutions. He emphasizes the alignment between Sabeys’ sustainability goals and ECLAIRION’s environmentally conscious approach, positioning the partnership as mutually beneficial for both companies, their clients, and the environment.

This partnership resonates with Sabey’s commitment to sustainability. With seven data centers achieving ENERGY STAR compliance and a goal to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2029, Sabey aligns with ECLAIRION’s environmentally conscious approach.

At Sabey Data Centers, sustainability is a core value embedded in every aspect of operations. With a portfolio spanning over four million square feet of mission-critical space, Sabey is renowned for its efficiency, low total cost of ownership, and sustained uptime. This partnership with ECLAIRION represents another step towards delivering innovative, sustainable data solutions and services to the world’s leading companies.

To learn more about Sabey Data Centers and their commitment to sustainable data solutions, visit their website.