Remote.It, a leading SaaS-based platform, has officially launched its channel-focused full reseller program. This initiative is set to empower businesses seeking to harness the power of Remote.It’s cutting-edge technology, providing instant, secure, and code-based networking solutions that seamlessly connect all IoT devices and services.

Remote.It’s innovative approach allows companies to replace manual network management, addressing the growing demand for simpler and more efficient tools amidst a shortage of IT engineers. The platform’s channel-focused model enables partners to offer industry-leading networking solutions to their customer base while customizing branding to fit their own identity.

The reseller program opens up new possibilities for partners, enabling them to bundle services for installation, monitoring, reporting, and managing services. This flexibility allows businesses to tailor their offerings to meet the unique needs of their clientele, further enhancing the value they provide.

Partners in the program can offer their customers a range of benefits, including simplified connectivity, secure sharing of private resources, streamlined deployment and integration through Connectivity-as-Code, reduced workload in managing IP addresses and security parameters, and real-time monitoring of remote devices.

Industry leaders such as Eric Hsu, General Manager at NetBridge, and Andy Do, CEO at Embedded Works, have already lauded Remote.It for its role in simplifying account and permission management, as well as enhancing remote network management offerings. The platform has proven instrumental in reducing annual costs associated with managing, supporting, and troubleshooting end devices for clients.

Remote.It’s services extend to resellers across all industry verticals with remote or distributed users, devices, services, and resources. Notable customers and partners include Trimble, Arm, RaspberryPi, Docker, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and Carbon Robotics, among many others.

Ryo Koyama, Cofounder and CEO of Remote.It, emphasized the program’s significance in responding to market demands from system integrators, resellers, and device partners. Koyama stated, “In the same way that cloud computing has fundamentally replaced the data center, resellers now are able to leap ahead and offer cloud-driven networking services as part of their offerings.”

With the launch of its channel-focused reseller program, Remote.It is not only responding to the market’s need for advanced networking solutions but is also empowering resellers to stay ahead of the curve. As the world continues to be always connected, Remote.It is ensuring that private networking no longer lingers in the dark ages of manual configuration and maintenance.

To explore the reseller program and pricing details, visit Remote.It and join the wave of innovation in secure connectivity.