On September 6-7 2021 Bulk Infrastructure had the honor of presenting at AI & Big Data Expo Global. Bulk Infrastructure, is a leading provider of sustainable digital infrastructure in the Nordics. Bulk’s Data Center business delivers strategically located Nordic data centers with a dedication to service excellence that enables customers to reduce costs and environmental impact with ultra-flexible, highly connected and scalable solutions.

On MondayRob Elder, Vice President of Data Centers, presented “Building a Sustainable Digital Infrastructure for AI and Big Data.” Rob emphasized the importance of considering sustainability in the data center industry, including the massive carbon impact of digital services as well as the impact energy use has on running digital infrastructure. Rob highlighted that data centers could account for 13% of annual global electricity consumption and 6% of our carbon footprint by 2030. Bulk’s focus on sustainability demonstrates its full commitment to the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals and explains the advantage of being located in the Nordics with access to a surplus of 100% renewable energy. In this session, Rob demonstrated how Bulk delivers high-value sustainable digital infrastructure while evaluating their carbon inventory and mapping future steps to address these pressing issues. He included details of Bulk’s solution for cost and sustainability in helping a UK-based Quant Hedge Fund expand their high-density AI research platform.

Rob Elder, at AI and Big Data presenting “Building a Sustainable Digital Infrastructure for AI and Big Data.”

Later in the day, Warren Barrie, Sales Director of Bulk Infrastructure, joined a panel of experts to discuss, “Built to Scale – Ramping Up AI Projects.” This panel shared with attendees the journey of accelerating projects from “experimentation” to “live” and explaining the need for AI in business development. The panel discussed R&D budgets, turning AI into ROI and explaining the true definition of value within a business. Warren, along with colleagues, provided viewers with tips for moving a pilot to the next stage as a successful business.

Warren Barrie, at AI and Big Data presenting “Built to Scale – Ramping Up AI Projects.”

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