Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Bill Kleyman.

There’s no doubt that the business is becoming a lot more distributed. And, along with this level of distribution, it’s clear to see that IT continues to play a major role in the way we support remote sites and offices. Remember, IT has always supported computing at remote sites. But business-critical digital activity at remote sites is rapidly intensifying due to multiple factors that include pervasive mobility, Internet of Things (IoT), and real-time analytics. IT must therefore proactively rethink its approach to remote infrastructure in order to enable critical digital activity and to ensure that it continues uninterrupted — while at the same time driving cost out of remote site ownership.

Today, remote computing is changing dramatically. Mobility, IoT, wireless connectivity, small-footprint software, and other technologies continue to drive digital activity everywhere. As a result, remote computing environments keep getting denser, more sophisticated, and more critical to the business.

So, no matter what business you’re in, remote computing no longer serves merely as a utility that supports your geographically dispersed facilities. Those facilities are now as digital as they are physical. They have become your company’s New Digital Outposts (NDO). This requires significant rethinking and reengineering by IT. In this whitepaper from Raritan, we learn how IT must respond appropriately to this remote computing inflection point. Failure to do so will undermine digital performance — and, by extension, the financial performance — of the business.

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