At the Data Center World (DCW21) conference in Orlando, Glenn Williams, Unitas Global VP of Global Strategic Sales led a session on how colocation and data center providers are perfectly positioned to enable seamless connectivity for their enterprise clients—and benefit from it themselves. Whether a company is fully digitized or still evolving, all organizations need to be able to depend on the performance of their avenues of connectivity, and this is an opportunity for service providers to add value. 

Today the performance of applications in a multi-cloud environment and decentralized workforces has performance risks. Enterprises are finding their current networks are built around an inflexible, centralized data model. Digital transformation is revolutionizing the need for businesses to find connectivity solutions that can be adaptable and cost effective, optimize performance, and support ever-changing digital models. Different clouds need different connectivity to perform at a high level and enterprises typically rely on multiple providers for network coverage and IT services. Organizations must use their available knowledge to source, design, price, procure, and manage the optimal solution. 

As the use of business applications dramatically increases, enterprise customers in the U.S. and around the world have been demanding alternative solutions to best-effort internet and expensive MPLS-based VPN service. The audience agreed with William’s position that there are different aspects of digitalization and it is important to establish the right infrastructure as businesses evolve with their cloud models. As he stated, whether a company is using hybrid cloud, SaaS applications, or multiple clouds, all enterprises need the agility to evolve access connectivity with their cloud transformation. 

“Enterprises today are looking for multiple and better interconnectivity options. As we’ve seen, the data center has pivoted from just being focused on colocation into an incredibly unique connectivity hub that helps address enterprise challenges. The revenue opportunities for data centers are vast and readily available. Edge access, multi-cloud connectivity, Internet: all of these are great use cases to keep end users connected to data.”

Unitas Global offers data centers the most expansive purpose-built platform combining a global network, Unitas Reach™, and automated intelligence, Unitas Nexus™

By putting data center location on net with Unitas Reach™, they can connect to over 900 carrier-neutral data centers, and over 30 million edge locations providing cost-optimized network connectivity with the agility needed to scale quickly and support the growing demands of applications on network architecture, performance, and costs. 

The Unitas Nexus™ platform enables the real time consumption of Unitas Reach™, with easy design, price, and order of connectivity services from business locations to data centers to cloud applications. Through this powerful combination, Unitas Global enables automated ubiquitous edge access to any cloud location.

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