Bulk Fiber Networks, the Nordic’s leading provider of ultra-scalable, highly connected, sustainable digital infrastructure and fiber networks, has completed construction of the HAVSIL submarine cable express route between Kristiansand, Norway and Hanstholm, Denmark. Installation began on September 5th and took about 10 days to complete. The HAVSIl route will be the shortest route connecting Norway to continental Europe and is selected to serve as the new secure main fiber route for Norway’s international data traffic, according to the Norwegian Communications Authority. 

HAVSIL will carry up to 30% of Norway’s international data traffic. The HAVSIL route with 192 fibers is fully buried on the seabed for protection and reliability and will be the only cable in the region with modern neutral data centers at both end points. This latest express route between Bulk’s data center campuses N01 in Kristiansand and DK01 in Esbjerg will enable greater use of surplus 100% renewable energy data centers in the South of Norway and improve connectivity and capacity between Norway and continental Europe.

The cable was sourced in Germany and transported to Denmark to begin installation. A specially outfitted multi-purpose ship was used to lay the cable across the Skagerrak strait separating Denmark and Norway. When joined with the terrestrial segment running down Denmark’s west coast, the system provides direct connection between Bulk’s highly scalable N01 data center campus with their gateway DK01 facility in Denmark.

Bulk Infrastructure’s HAVSIL system will increase geographical distribution of daily internet traffic and improve diversity by avoiding the traditional fiber routes. The newly constructed, high capacity  HAVSIL route creates new markets and new opportunities for enterprises, hyperscalers, cloud service providers and Bulk Fiber Networks. HAVSIL will be the first cable system that is fully financed, built and operated by Bulk FIber Networks. 

To learn more about Bulk Infrastructure and Bulk Fiber Networks latest HAVIL system, visit https://bulkinfrastructure.com/digital-infrastructure/fiber-networks/solutions.