The data center industry is vying for scalable solutions to combat growing data demand – largely through investments in land acquisition for new data center sites. As space and resources become limited in established hubs like North Virginia’s Data Center Alley – the largest data center market in the world – companies are looking to neighboring areas to invest. But new locations bring new infrastructure, power supply, and connectivity challenges. Quantum Loophole is taking the guesswork out of this process with its first-of-its-kind master-planned data center communities, incorporating innovative energy systems, water improvements, and a robust fiber network to provide hyperscalers, enterprises and colocation providers with fast and reliable connectivity. 

Quantum Loophole has chosen Frederick County, Maryland, to host their 2,100-acre data center campus. The Frederick County campus will be fully integrated into the regional transmission network, guaranteeing 1500 MW of reliable power for its campus customers. In addition, Quantum Loophole’s new QLoop network, a massive 40± mile hyperscale fiber ring, will connect the Frederick County Campus to the Data Center Alley ecosystem in under one-half millisecond Round Trip Time (RTT). 

Quantum Loophole’ QLoop ring linking the Maryland campus to the Ashburn ecosystem. 30 ducts are aligned and banded together prior to laying them in trenches or pulled into bores.

Quantum Loophole’s 24″ inner diameter QLoop river boring HDPE conduits are prepped on the Maryland side of the Potomac to be pulled through the river boring to the Virginia side.

Quantum Loophole’s new site development approach also considers data centers’ environmental and community impact. Their design incorporates renewable energy sources and water improvements to reduce the carbon footprint while paying close attention to the community’s historic sites, viewsheds and cultural characteristics. When completed, the Frederick County campus will be an environmentally sound source of power, connectivity, and opportunities for hyperscalers and the local community alike. 

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