Q&A with Olivier Thierry, CMO at Pivot3:

By collaborating with VMware, Samsung, Teradici and Imprivata, how have you developed a comprehensive VDI healthcare solution?
Teaming up with VMware, Samsung, Teradici and Imprivata has enabled us to deliver a comprehensive VDI solution tailored specifically to the healthcare sector. Much like our “View-in-a-box” offering, Healthcare-3 offers an easy-to-deploy VDI solution that is scalable and cost-effective. By combining Samsung NC series zero client Cloud Displays powered by Teradici TERA2, Samsung mobile devices, and Imprivata® OneSign™ Virtual Desktop Access make up the offering, Healthcare-3 provides hospitals with the necessary tools to improve patient care. 
What benefits can hospitals and clinicians expect to see by deploying Healthcare-3?
Right off the bat, hospitals will see an improvement in the quality, safety and efficiency of healthcare, as well as an increase in the privacy and security of electronic health records (EHR). A hospital’s main goal is to treat patients in the most effective manner possible, and deploying a VDI environment plays right into that agenda. It comes down to connectivity and access. Healthcare-3 capitalizes in both of these areas, providing clinicians with a secure environment to connect to desktops through any endpoint device, from any location through Follow Me virtual desktop capabilities. To add to the appeal of the VDI offering, CIOs will no longer have to spend their valued time deploying and managing clinical and administrative applications, since Healthcare-3 minimizes a CIO’s involvement in this area.
VDI deployment is often thought of as complex and costly. How does Healthcare-3 simplify the process, while maintaining an affordable price?
First of all, Healthcare-3 simplifies the approach by providing an approach that can be deployed in an efficient manner. As a simple-to-deploy appliance model, Healthcare-3 integrates all of the storage and server hardware, desktop virtualization software, single sign-on software and endpoints. Secondly, hospitals will save money on IT operations costs with a low entry price point, and a pay-as-you-grow appliance model. Supporting up to 125 desktops, our vSTAC VDI appliances help to reduce Capex and Opex.
When will the Healthcare-3 bundle be available??
Right now, we expect the Healthcare-3 pilot bundle to be available for purchase in late March, or early April. Our HC-3 Healthcare Validated VDI is currently available. When the bundle is released, it will provide an out-of-box solution for a quick and easy deployment.
Healthcare-3 offers single sign-on and AlwaysOn Point-of-Care validated design. How will this help drive the solution’s adoption in the healthcare sector?
Since care providers are always on the move, they are on lookout for solutions that truly focus on connectivity and access. With Imprivata’s OneSign Virtual Desktop Access, care providers gain the experience of “No Click Access” to AlwaysOn Point of Care desktops. Clinicians can access their own personal desktop in any location with the simple tap of a badge or swipe of a fingerprint. This is an advancement in the healthcare sector that will positively affect patient care.
Now that Pivot3 has entered the healthcare sector, how do you see VDI fitting into a wide-range of verticals?
We are already seeing organizations from a wide-range of verticals adopting VDI to better meet business demands.
Whether it is education, healthcare, or government, the benefits offered by VDI environments are apparent. The scalability, simplicity, and high-performance it provides is appealing across verticals, and we are excited to watch and play a role in this trend throughout 2013.
After a busy start to the new year – with this announcement, and making it to Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies – how will Pivot3 keep driving the momentum up?
Being named to the Forbes’ America’s Most Promising Companies list to kick off the new year was an unbelievable honor. It validated our team’s work, and gave us even more excitement for what is to come. With an increased number of organizations turning to Pivot3 for their VDI environments, and admired companies like VMware, Samsung, Imprivata and Teradici joining forces with our team, we are prepared to head into the rest of 2013 in full throttle.