– Vanessa Blouin, speaking on behalf of Cicada security products , says:

The Contract
Cicada‘s mission is to protect your computer against unauthorized access to your personal data in both the real and virtual worlds. The Cicada detects and deters theft of your computer, prevents your files from being read, seen or lost and helps prevent identity theft, keeping your data and personal information safe.

Easy to Use
Created as a USB key, Cicada proves modern and sophisticated, but farewell old, plastic USBs! Cicada is silver plated metal making the case much more robust. On a technical side, the Cicada contains an undetectable software platform and its real-time protection monitors the slightest movement of your computer.

Once the system is armed, you cannot do anything more with the computer: there is a screen lock, a loud siren from the computer and the Cicada, the dismounting of any encrypted storage volumes (this function is optional) and an alert is sent by SMS, email or SNMP. In addition, Cicada supports all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system.
The opinion

This new gadget is, we believe, almost essential. The Cicada is a beautiful thing and offers excellent value for money. Ideal for students, reps on the road and even travelers, this system is essential for all those who leave the house with their laptop. The downside? The device is not yet available for Apple.

For additional information, visit http://www.cicadastore.com .