Data Center POST interview with Phillip Koblence, COO and Co-Founder, NYI

By Contributing Editor Anne Whealdon

Phillip Koblence is COO and Co-Founder of NYI, a trusted global infrastructure partner, a provider of flexible hybrid IT solutions across cloud, colocation and bare metal, and a member of the Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA). Since Phillip helped start the company in 1996, he has been expertly navigating the shifting infrastructure landscape, growing the company from a single data center in Lower Manhattan into a robust network with executional capabilities in key national and international markets. Leveraging more than twenty years of leadership experience, he has guided and positioned NYI as a leader in hybrid infrastructure solutions and built lasting relationships with clients. As a member of the IND-DCA, a consortium of independent data center operators engaged in joint go-to-market initiatives, NYI leverages its core competencies in comprehensive, high-touch hybrid IT and edge solutions to more effectively meet growing global demand for next-generation connectivity. 

We recently caught up with Phillip to discuss shifting trends in the market, how NYI is adapting to keep pace and beyond. 

Data Center POST, Anne Whealdon (DCP-AW) Question: What trends are you seeing in the data center space?

NYI, Phillip Koblence (NYI-PK) Answer: We’re seeing two major trends. One is the rise of edge computing and a growing demand for fast connectivity that is being driven by digital transformation, the rise of IoT, AI and other low-latency requirements. The second trend is a migration to hybrid infrastructure, with companies looking for cost and performance efficiencies through the deployment of a blend of public cloud, private cloud, colocation, professional and managed services to meet the needs of various workloads. Today’s data center providers therefore need to provide far more than a physical facility, they need to facilitate a holistic IT solution by recommending and deploying the right elements so that companies can achieve an efficient and scalable overall infrastructure.

DCP-AW Q: In your opinion, what is the most important consideration buyers should have when choosing a data center partner, and why?

NYI-PK A: Given the complexity of the IT landscape and the many options available to businesses, buyers should look for a partner who can listen to requirements, cut through complexity and achieve performance and cost efficiencies. Finding a partner who is trustworthy and customer-focused is key, as they will be accountable and truly responsive to client needs. Buyers should also look for a provider with the necessary expertise, resources, flexibility and strategic partnerships to support everything in the cycle from consulting and maintenance to optimization and scaling for future growth.

DCP-AW Q: How does NYI adapt to the changing data center space?

NYI-PK A: NYI’s historical focus has been on creating custom hybrid IT solutions. We are currently focused on evolving our services by engaging in acquisitions and partnerships that will help us support the various new requirements we are seeing in the marketplace. These requirements include the need for fast and low-latency connectivity across multiple geographies and larger-scale infrastructure, as well as the demand for services up the stack. We understand that partnership is critical to offering our clients what they need, and therefore, we are constantly adding to our trusted ecosystem of partners. We are also excited to join the Independent Data Center Alliance, which will help us broaden our reach.  

DCP-AW Q: Tell us about a customer win and the solution you are proud to be providing them.

NYI-PK A: An established global leader of data analytics came to NYI with concerns over escalating public cloud costs. We collaborated with the company on requirements and helped them migrate to a hybrid infrastructure, which provided substantial monthly savings in terms of their overall infrastructure spend. The company was able to reduce their monthly spend by two-thirds while realizing increased performance, flexibility, security, scale and price predictability.

DCP-AW Q: What new initiatives should our readers be on the look out for from NYI?

NYI-PK A: We recently expanded into Chicago and have plans to similarly expand into additional geographic markets. We are also continuing to develop several new interconnection initiatives that will provide clients with connectivity options in a more cost-effective and streamlined manner. This supports our overall goal of removing the logistical hurdles associated with deploying and operating infrastructure.

DCP-AW Q: Thanks so much for your time, Phillip. To learn more about NYI, visit, email or call 800.288.7387.