Originally posted to NEDAS

When it comes to the outdoor and public right-of-way, densifying networks in preparation for widespread 5G rollout can become complicated. There exists a range of hurdles to deployment, including the availability of poles and other locations, the concerns from municipalities over visual clutter, public safety and beyond. Especially in already dense metro areas, provisioning the added capacity for growing data requirements is a challenge that many businesses are having to find solutions to now in order to ensure their networks can function well into the future. 

To drive conversation on this topic, the 2019 NEDAS NYC Summit, an event focusing on discussion and education at the intersection of wireline and wireless, delivered a panel titled Construction and Engineering Challenges for 5G Densification. This session offered vital insights into how businesses are tackling the outdoor space when it comes to building networks and deploying small cells and other densification infrastructure. 

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