Portman Partners, the specialised Executive Search firm dedicated to finding great leaders for the digital infrastructure sector, recently announced that it is hosting a Balance in the Boardroom Research Workshop as part of its ‘Outside the Echo Chamber’ series. Hosted by Dr. Terri Simpkin, a Portman Partners Associate and international authority on workforce structures, workplace inclusion and skill demands, the event will be invite-only and will take place on the 14th of November in London.

This workshop seeks to transfer the discussion that surrounds diversity and inclusion out of the ‘echo chamber’ and onto the agenda of the greater technology industry, performing an examination of the barriers to inclusion through the eyes of the individuals in the contemporary enterprise. This workshop is the first in a series of events that are created for senior and action-oriented individuals across a range of sectors, including human resources, inclusion and diversity, workforce development and more. It will explore the talent pipeline challenges that currently prevent underrepresented groups from being included in senior positions, particularly throughout STEM-based sectors. The event will culminate in a whitepaper that will provide compelling evidence of the current workplace environment and discuss what action needs to be taken to create greater diversity.

The host, Dr. Simpkin, has been named by Data Economy Magazine as one of the global data economy’s fifty most influential women. She is an expert in gender and diversity inclusion challenges, strategic human resources and leadership and change. In this workshop, she will lead the discussion about this vital topic and help the audience distinguish fact from fiction, delivering a collated report and an evidence-based call to action.

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