Q&A with Data Center POST’s Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Peter Feldman, CEO and Principal of DataGryd, Discusses What Makes 60 Hudson Different, the Impact of the Cloud and His Belief in a Certain Mythical CreatureOn the eve of IMN’s 7th Annual Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (East), where DataGryd’s Peter Feldman will appear on the Cloud Service Provider CEO Panel, Data Center POST interviewed the company’s CEO and principal to discuss what sets DataGryd apart from other colocation facilities in the New York metro area, the needs of Cloud providers, and his abiding belief in unicorns.

Data Center POST, Kathy Xu (DCP-KX) Question: How are your data center solutions different from others in the market?

DataGryd Peter Feldman (DG-PF) Answer: DataGryd’s 60 Hudson facility in Lower Manhattan offers 240,000 square-feet of available colocation space, the largest single footprint data center available in New York. Our high-density colocation space uses a proprietary MicroGryd technology, offering dual contingencies and delivering the highest value in energy efficiency with direct primary utility feeds offering up to 12,000 kW of power. 

DataGryd’s 60 Hudson data center is also Open-IX OIX-2-certified, which means it maintains the highest physical infrastructure and operational standards for facility performance, resiliency and reliability while supporting massive-scale interconnection.

DCP-KX Q: Have Cloud solutions and services impacted the way you offer traditional data center services?

DG-PF A: Yes, especially as Cloud providers require faster delivery time on pre-built space. At DataGryd, our Cloud Core Ecology™ Solution provides on-demand space that leverages fortified colocation facilities and custom suites with minimal deployment requirements for Cloud providers.

DCP-KX Q: What should data center operators be doing to meet the needs of Cloud solution providers?

DCP-KX Q: Data center operators need to be able to provide scalable space to meet swift market demands. When choosing a data center, it’s also imperative to plan and future-proof to meet the increasing demand for added levels of power, connectivity and resiliency.

DCP-KX Q: Do you believe in unicorns?

DCP-KX Q: Yes, and as everyone knows, unicorns reside in the Cloud. Fortunately, DataGryd’s Cloud Core Ecology Solution can meet their technology requirements.

DCP-KX: Thank you for your time and best of luck at IMN’s 7th Annual Provider Forum on Data Centers & Cloud Services Infrastructure (East)! For more information about DataGryd, visit www.DataGryd.com.