Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry,

Managing the Data Centers of the Future_optMore and more companies are discovering that to compete in this new digital age, they must build applications that engage and empower the customer. To achieve this goal, they must often tie those applications back to legacy systems where critical customer data is often stored. Therefore, they adopt a two-pronged approach to their digital transformation.  They build new applications for customer engagement and retrofit legacy systems to serve up data and perform transactions requested by the new apps.

For a data center, managing their evolving infrastructure and the crushing amount of IIoT data will also require this “looking forward” “looking backward” approach. Data center management software will not only need to gather and analyze infrastructure data in real time for new devices, but the older ones as well. It’s going to be like managing a soup bowl of devices, some new and some old.  Many data center devices will need to be monitored and managed.

The most adept data centers will adopt technology that will allow them to connect and communicate with virtually any device. This is going to require a modular approach to management software with the ability to communicate with legacy and new devices. As data centers continue to become more interconnected with the addition of more IIoT data, data center management tools will consume this data. Vast amounts of data will be used in the prediction and diagnosis of data center systems.

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