– Katelyn Helgemoe, Communications Coordinator with Phoenix NAP, says:

PCA SKIN®, an industry leader in the development of effective professional skin treatments, has selected Phoenix NAP, full service data center, premier infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider and primary network access point (NAP) for its hosting needs.

Initially the innovative skin treatment provider will be utilizing the Phoenix NAP data center for its disaster recovery (DR) site and may eventually transition production servers in the facility in the future. 

“We are happy to work with a company that shares the same customer service standards we do and understands our business needs.” says Adam Sankey, PCA SKIN®’s systems administrator.

Utilizing data center space for disaster recovery has been steadily increasing in the Phoenix metro area, especially with the city’s extremely minimal to non-existent risk of natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, or catastrophic hail, making it one of the safest-from-natural-disaster cities in the United States. Additionally, recent events along the East Coast and the impact of Sandy have drawn more attention to the importance of having a disaster recovery or business continuity solution in place. 

However, the disaster recovery aspects of the Arizona data center were only part of the reason PCA SKIN made the decision. Phoenix NAP’s competitive pricing and customer service were also noted as significant motivating factors in the selection process.

“We are excited to welcome PCA SKIN® into our data center,” said Ian McClarty, president of Phoenix NAP. “PCA SKIN®’s strong commitment and passion for presenting innovative products and solutions combined with its drive for excellence in customer satisfaction is completely in line with Phoenix NAP and we look forward to building a long-lasting relationship with them.”

Phoenix NAP is a PCI DSS Validated Service Provider and a SOC Type 2 audited data center facility that has served the colocation and dedicated hosting industry since 2010. Additionally, the company has been offering cloud solutions since late 2011.