By Contributing Editor, Kathy Xu

Unitas Global CEO Patrick ShuttAt International Telecoms Week (ITW) 2016, Data Center POST met with Unitas Global CEO, Patrick Shutt, to discuss how the company has adapted to meet consumer demands with flexible cloud offerings and innovative technology. During this discussion, Mr. Shutt also shared with DCP his observations regarding the evolution of cloud computing as it relates to the world of telecommunications.

Unitas Global was established four and a half years ago by Grant Kirkwood, Farrah Kashef, Lawrence Lee and Erik Salazar, all of whom remain critical team members within the company. Originally focusing entirely on enterprise and private cloud, Unitas has evolved to include more flexible structures through hybrid cloud offerings, and according to Mr. Shutt, security, flexibility, and cost are among the most important factors when providing effective cloud solutions.

The Unitas business model is designed to go to market exclusively by way of channel sales throughout three main groups: data centers, telecom companies and infrastructure resellers and manufacturers, as Mr. Shutt explained. Leveraging a strong relationship with five major data center carriers including industry leader Equinix, Unitas has gained credibility within the community and continuously receives valuable enterprise leads for new business. In addition, by eliminating the use of direct sales, the company is able to save on their bottom line, bypassing the need for expensive investment in a direct sales force.  It can then pass on these savings to its customers.

Striving to offer the best service available, Unitas employs innovative technology to give customers total transparency into their cloud infrastructure, an offering known as Unitas Atlas. The unified platform provides clients with full insight to comprehensively manage the health and performance of their IT environment. As the organization continues to grow and evolve, Unitas introduces new technology and services to customers to enhance and support cloud solutions.

“You cannot have cloud without connectivity,” explained Mr. Shutt.  “Up until the past six months, the industry was satisfied to use Internet and IP, but as its needs evolved, security, latency and prioritization have become increasingly critical, thus converging the world of telco and cloud.” He adds, “This convergence has created a much bigger market with increased fragmentation and lower transparency regarding price and service agreements. In order to combat this growing problem, Unitas is positioning itself as an industry leader, driving the seamless integration of these two major sectors during this transitional time.”

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