Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Voices of the Industry.

In this edition of Voices of the Industry, Robert McClary, COO, FORTRUST at Iron Mountain, shares some of the ways partnering with reliable colocation providers reduces risk for unplanned outages.

Few things strike as much fear and frustration into the hearts of modern businesses than these two words: unplanned outage. When this type of unplanned downtime occurs in a data center, many times the entire organization can come to a screeching halt. Revenue engines can be interrupted, important data can no longer be accessed, communications may be hampered and productivity can grind to a halt. The simplest of daily tasks and duties suddenly become much more time consuming and complex – if not altogether impossible. With each passing moment of IT or network downtime, more and more of the business’s money trickles down the drain. What a waste! Although these types of interruptions occur all too frequently in the corporate world, it doesn’t necessarily have to happen to YOUR organization. In fact, enterprises that partner with reliable colocation data centers can significantly reduce the risk of unplanned outages and corporate downtime. The best colocation providers will have strong strategies for preventing outages and mitigating potential risks that can also impact availability.

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