Originally posted to Data Center Frontier by Rich Miller.

The Coop continues to evolve, even under a new brand. The data center design introduced to the world as the Yahoo Computing Coop is now driving the infrastructure growth for Oath, the media properties previously owned by Yahoo and AOL.

The latest version of the Computing Coop just deployed 15 megawatts of capacity on the former Yahoo campus in Quincy, Washington. Oath will soon be building more coops in Lockport, New York as well.

Yahoo introduced the Coop in 2009 after studying the efficient heat management of industrial chicken houses operated by Tyson and other large poultry growers. The first implementation in Lockport broke new ground in data center efficiency, operating at a PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) of 1.08. It was one of the first webscale data centers to be cooled only with fresh air, eliminating the use of power-hungry chillers, using flywheel UPS systems and running entirely by hydro-electric energy.

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