Richmond, Virginia is a network convergence point where subsea and terrestrial network connections seed this burgeoning interconnection hub in North America.  It serves as a key market for international subsea cables landing in Virginia Beach, serving as a mid-point for interconnection to reach the Northern Virginia tech corridor and serves as a natural interconnection point. DE-CIX Richmond, now live, replaces the Richmond Virginia Internet Exchange (RVA-IX) and offers immediate access to over 20 locally connected networks with extended access to over 250 networks in the New York metro market. As a result of DE-CIX Richmond, former members of the RVA-IX were transitioned to DE-CIX’s Apollon multi-service interconnection platform on November 16, 2021. With this transition, DE-CIX Richmond now provides both existing and new interconnected networks access to a fully redundant, state-of-the-art platform that offers additional capacity, scalability and enhanced services that improves connectivity capabilities in the marketplace. 

DE-CIX Richmond is more than just peering. “DE-CIX Richmond will be directly connected to DE-CIX New York, immediately enhancing connectivity and the value of connecting at the local IX,” said Ed d’Agostino, VP and General Manager of DE-CIX North America. “With DE-CIX’s international strength and breadth, as well as the depth of reach of our partners and existing relationships, we look forward to building upon the great foundation established by RVA-IX to improve and enhance connectivity solutions in the Richmond market.” 

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